Flying Clubs and Instruction

Flying Clubs

The Aero Club
The Aero Club of Louisville, Inc., a non-profit club established to promote general aviation, was founded at Bowman Field in 1922. The club is an integral part of the history of Bowman Field. For more information on the Aero Club, please visit or call (502) 456-9707.

Bowman Eagles
Bowman Eagles’, a “taildraggers club,” was established in January 2003 as a non-profit corporation to further the advancement of aviation and aeronautical skills of its members. In addition to providing its members with tailwheel aircraft for their personal transportation and recreation, Bowman Eagles promotes aviation with young people, primarily through the EAA Young Eagles program. For more information, visit

Louisville Pilots’ Club
Established in 1967, the Louisville Pilots’ Club has two well-maintained, hangared aircraft; a 1980 Cessna Skylane 182Q and 1979 Piper Cherokee PA28-181. Both are IFR rated and primary nav/com is Garmin 430W, Schedule Master. For more information please email

Wings Flying Club
WingsClub The Wings Flying Club is a non-profit organization established over 30+ years ago to promote general aviation and the enjoyment of low wing aircraft. The purpose of the club is to provide safe and reliable aircraft, at economical rates, so members can hone their piloting skills, work on advanced ratings, or just enjoy flying. For more information, visit



Cardinal Wings LogoCardinal Wings Aviation, LLC
Brian Carnes
(502) 292-4820

Louisville Aviation Logo Louisville Aviation, LLC
Mike Pratt
(502) 905-8747

PCM Associates
Perry C. McCollom
(502) 551-4804

Aerospace Education

National Air & Space Education Institute
Hangar 7 Bowman Field
2720 Cannons Lane
Louisville, Kentucky 40205

Executive Director and CEO
Dr. Tim Smith
(502) 452-9010