Media Center

The Louisville Regional Airport Authority is committed to responding quickly and accurately to all media inquiries.

Staff is available 24/7 to answer media questions, by using our digital pager: (502) 332-2244.

Since the tragic events of 9/11, security issues have restricted access to the airports. Listed below is the current media policy for Louisville International (SDF) and Bowman Field (LOU).

Media Policy

(February 2, 2010) Louisville International Airport (SDF) and Bowman Field (LOU)


  1. News media are requested to notify the PR department prior to arriving at either airport. At that time, arrangements will be made for courtesy parking at Louisville International Airport.
  2. News media must secure prior permission from the airport PR department for access beyond the security checkpoint and in other secured areas.


Live Shots

  • News media must secure advance permission from the PR department for live shots at either airport.
  • In the Waiting Zone Lot at Louisville International Airport:
    After securing advance approval from the airport PR department, media may be permitted to park in the eight designated southwestern-most slots in the Cell Phone Lot.
  • It is critical that the live trucks remain in the designated parking spaces in the southwestern corner to permit the safe extension of antennae without endangering aircraft or airfield operations. Please note that antennae may be extended no more than 40 feet—no higher than the light standards in the Cell Phone Lot.

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Contact Information

Trish Burke, P. R. Director
(502) 363-8506 office
(502) 368-6524 x257 communications center
(502) 332-2244 pager