New Reserved Parking Program

Have you ever tried to find a parking space near the terminal during the peak travel periods like spring break or the busy summer season? If so, there’s an answer for you – the new Reserved Parking program, which allows frequent travelers the certainty to always have a parking space close to the terminal.

Through the new program, travelers can reserve their own parking space in the first level of the parking garage or in the convenient Credit-Card-Only Lot. A parking space can be reserved for a six-month or 12-month period and customers will be granted 24/7, unlimited access to it at a special discounted price under one of two options – Premium Parking or Preferred Parking.

Premium Parking includes unlimited, prepaid covered parking on the first level of the garage in the Under-Four-Hours area.  A customer can choose any open space and enter and exit parking using a specially coded parking access card.

Preferred Parking includes unlimited prepaid parking in a reserved, numbered parking space, in the Credit-Card-Only Lot located adjacent to the terminal. Customers will have the ability to enter and exit 24/7 using a specially coded access card and the certainty of always having their own parking space at the airport.

This program, open to individuals and companies, can include multiple spaces in either the Premium or Preferred Parking options.  The program is great for frequent parkers, individuals or companies that regularly meet and greet visitors at the airport. For rates and more information on this program contact Tom Tyra at (502) 363-8505 or by email at