Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions about the Authority:

Q. Where does the Airport Authority get funds to operate Louisville International Airport and Bowman Field?

A. As a self-sustaining entity, the Airport Authority’s annual budget is derived from landing and field use fees, concession and lease revenue. The Airport Authority does not receive tax dollars to support operations of either airport.

Q. What is the Airport Authority’s relationship with individual airlines or other firms located at Louisville International Airport or Bowman Field?

A. The Airport Authority’s responsibility to businesses located at Louisville International Airport or Bowman Field is as the landlord for space occupied, such as ticketing areas, departure/arrival gates or other areas. Fares and products, or service prices, are solely the jurisdiction of the specific airline or company offering the product or service.

Q. Do employees of the Airport Authority receive special privileges when traveling by air as do airline personnel?

A. No. Airport Authority employees are treated as members of the public at large and are prohibited from receiving special discounts or privileges under the Authority’s conflict of interest policy.