Reuse of Land a Success


Relocation Map

The land acquired for airport expansion is being reused to the airport’s, the city’s and the state’s benefit. The map highlights the neighborhoods discussed below.
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Prestonia, Highland Park and Standiford

All LRAA-acquired land in Prestonia has been deeded to the Kentucky Exposition Center (KEC).

The former Standiford neighborhood is now part of the ‘new airfield’ and houses the FBO – Atlantic Aviation, corporate hangars, and the Kentucky Air National Guard Base.

Highland Park contains the Authority’s maintenance facility and fuel farm; the Untied States Postal Service airmail facility; rental car facilities; and approximately 70 acres available for future airport expansion or airport-compatible business development.

Ashton Adair, Edgewood and Minors Lane

All of the LRAA-owned land in Ashton Adair is under the control of, and is being deeded to, the KEC. Edgewood will be redeveloped for commercial and industrial uses. The Minors Lane area is subject to redevelopment as part of the Renaissance Zone, in which it is located.

There also are three smaller parcels along the Preston Street corridor not identified on the map. The area near McDonald’s, on Phillips Lane, is slated for future use by the KEC. An area south of Value City will be retained by the airport. The northernmost area-Jefferson Court-will be made available for reuse.