Louisville Renaissance Zone Corporation

The Louisville Renaissance Zone Corporation (LRZC) has approximately 235 acres on the market, which is prime commercial land conveniently located within two miles of Louisville International Airport, two interstate highways and a major rail line. Of this 235 acres, 25 acres are reserved for retail development with prime road frontage.Through its efforts to promote airport-compatible redevelopment the LRZC has made public infrastructure improvements, formed the Renaissance South Business Park, consisting of 540 acres and established the Renaissance South Business Park Owner’s Association. The Renaissance Zone’s superior location and accessibility provide very attractive opportunities for your site selection needs.

Map of Louisville Area

Map of Renaissance Zone (PDF)

Map of Renaissance South Business Park Development Area (PDF)

Recent Developments

  • In 2008, UPS located its regional ground-sorting operation-Centennial Hub – on 60 acres in the park. Today, 1,100 employees work at the facility and it houses approximately 180 delivery vehicles and trucks.
  • In 2012, Ford Motor Company leased approximately 15 acres in the park to support its Louisville Assembly Plant. A 1,400 vehicle storage-and-staging lot and a new thoroughfare (Transglobal Drive) to the lot’s entrance have been constructed.
  • In June 2012, UPS Supply Chain Solutions purchased 117 acres in the park, which is located adjacent to it’s main campus, for it’s immediate and future expansion needs.
  • In June 2013, SJ Paris Properties purchased five acres in the park and subsequently built a 50,000 square foot warehouse/distribution facility for its subsidiary company, Ground Freight Expeditors.
  • In October 2013, Ford Motor Company expanded their original 15 acre vehicle storage-and-staging lot to 18 acres.
  • In January 2014, Dermody Properties purchased 18 acres in the park, which they plan to build and complete a 315,000 square foot warehouse/distribution facility in the fourth quarter of 2014.

For more information about the Renaissance Zone or the Renaissance South Business Park, please contact:

Skip Miller, President
Louisville Renaissance Zone Corporation
(502) 368-6524

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Audited Financial Statements

FY14 Louisville Renaissance Zone Corporation Audited Financial Statement
FY13 Louisville Renaissance Zone Corporation Audited Financial Statement
FY12 Louisville Renaissance Zone Corporation Audited Financial Statement
FY11 Louisville Renaissance Zone Corporation Audited Financial Statement

Available Acreage
235 Acres

Electric, water, gas,
phone, sewer



1-65, 1-265 (one mile)

CSX Osborn Yard and
Intermodal Terminal
(one mile)

Louisville International
Airport (one mile)

Port of Louisville
(10 miles – 20 minutes)

River Road Terminal
(10 miles – 21 minutes)

Port of Jeffersonville
(13 miles – 23 minutes)