The Louisville Regional Airport Authority is committed to being a good neighbor to those living around Bowman Field. We have asked the Air Traffic Control Tower to use a standard left-hand traffic pattern, and use all available runways based on wind and weather conditions to minimize noise for all areas around the airport.

Safety Is Paramount

Noise Abatement Measures

(Not Intended To Take Precedence Over ATC Instructions)

  • Operate aircraft in such a manner as to cause the least noise, vibration and exhaust emission consistent with safety and efficiency.
  • Operate no aircraft with a maximum landing weight in excess of 30,000 pounds without approval of the Executive Director.
  • Conduct practice training, and/or proficiency operations between the hours 7 am and 10 pm and only if the Air Traffic Control Tower is in operation.
  • Conduct engine run-ups between the hours of 9 am and 8 pm.
  • Conduct run-ups in a manner that directs noise towards the center of the airport.
  • Use Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association or Manufacturer’s suggested Noise Abatement Techniques.


The Airport Authority launched a state-of-the-art flight tracking system in 2004. This system uses a unique “multi-lateration” process for tracking aircraft operations at Louisville International and Bowman Field.

The tracking system allows users to view flight tracks and identify aircraft in near real-time or replay mode. Information from two portable noise monitors may also be uploaded into the system to correlate aircraft noise with flight tracks and dates. Link to view the near-live flight tracks display.

For more information, contact Airport Authority Noise Officer Bob Slattery at (502) 363-8516 or at

For a complete listing of Airport Regulations, please contact Trish Burke at (502) 363-8506 or at