As an organization, LRAA is dedicated to working together to create a better future not only for Louisville’s airports, but the community as a whole. Through efforts of collaboration and teamwork, the Airport Authority tirelessly works to create lasting improvements.


Together We Rise

The Board of Directors is made up of 11 passionate men and women. These individuals help set policy, approve budgets and hire an executive director, who contributes as the organization’s chief executive officer and is in charge of governing the Louisville Regional Airport Authority (LRAA). So, who’s on the board? Well, for starters, our very own Mayor of Louisville serves as a member, as well as seven mayoral appointees and three gubernatorial appointees – one of which is a member of the Airport Neighbors Alliance Executive Committee. Each member serves a four-year staggered term without compensation. For more information on the minutes of the Louisville Regional Airport Authority Board Meetings from 2017 to present, click the button below.

Board Meeting Minutes

2020 LRAA Board Meeting Schedule

2020 LRAA Finances, FACILITIES and operations Committee Meeting Schedule



Board of Directors
Dale Boden – Chair
Pat MacDonald – Vice Chair
Nikki R. Lanier – Secretary/Treasurer
Greg Fischer – Mayor
Cleo Battle
Toni Clem
Mitchel Denham
Mary Rose Evans
John Moore
Lesa Seibert
Jim Welch

Executive Director
Dan Mann, A.A.E.