Bowman Field

Established in 1919, Bowman Field is one of the longest continuously operating, general aviation airports in the United States. Conveniently located approximately five miles from downtown Louisville, Kentucky, Bowman Field is situated on 426 acres. There are 17 buildings, including the historic Art Deco Administration Building that was built in 1929.

Airport Statistics

Airport Statistics

Aircraft operations (take-offs and landings) totaled 102,566 in 2022.
Weight limit: 30,000 lbs.

Bowman Field consists of 2 runways and the lengths are as follows:

Runway 6-24

3,200 feet

Threshold to threshold

4,356 feet

End of pavement to end of pavement

847 feet

Displacement on runway 6

309 feet

Displacement on runway 24

Runway 15-33

3,032 feet

Threshold to threshold

3,579 feet

End of pavement to end of pavement

206 feet

Displacement on runway 15

341 feet

Displacement on runway 33



T-hangars for lease on the field


Single-engine airplanes


Multi-engine airplanes








Aircraft based on the field

Regional Airport Authority Contacts


Josh Wiehebrink
(502) 458-1475
Facilities Maintenance Supervisor

T-Hangar Rental Information

Louisville Regional Airport Authority Properties Dept.

Jorgie Dermody
(502) 363-8514

Jonathan Giardina
(502) 363-8510


T-Hangar Payment Address

Department 151
PO Box 32160
Louisville, KY  40232-2160

General Correspondence Address

Louisville Regional Airport Authority
700 Administration Drive
Louisville, KY 40209

FAA Air Traffic Control Tower

2710 Moran Avenue
Louisville, KY 40205
(502) 582-5752

Bistro Le Relais Restaurant

Situated in the historic Bowman Field airport terminal, Bistro Le Relais offers a grand dining experience like no other in Louisville. Enjoy exquisite French cuisine, prepared with only the finest, freshest ingredients and first-class service in a relaxed, intimate, 1940s art-deco atmosphere, reminiscent of the cafe from the movie “Casablanca.”

Reservations are recommended during the week and required for Friday and Saturday evenings. Handicap accessible.

Restaurant Website