Security and TSA

No one likes going through security – we get it. At SDF, we’ve made our process as easy going as possible. Prepare to breeze through security by making sure you have the essentials checked off on our list of dos and don’ts.

Security Checkpoint Hours: The TSA Security Checkpoint opens approximately 1:30 prior to the first departure of the day and closes approximately 30 minutes prior to the last departure.

Going Through the Scanner

Here are a few things to remember before going through the scanner:

Remember the 3-1-1 Rule: 3 oz. containers; 1 quart-sized, clear, zip-top bag taken out of carry-on luggage and placed in bin; 1 per passenger. Containers larger than 3 oz. will not be permitted in carry-on luggage.

Please remove your laptop, tablet and other electronic device from your hand baggage and place them into a separate tray if requested to do so by a security officer.

Empty your top and bottom pockets of all small items, then put everything into the tray provided. Your pockets must be completely empty before the scan.

Remove your outer jacket, blazer and shoes and put them in a tray.

Always follow the security member’s instructions.

Dress Smart For Security

Here are a few quick tips to make it through security a little quicker:

Put valuables like jewelry and keys in the pockets of your jacket before you put your jacket through the X-ray – then you can redress at your gate instead on the other side of the checkpoint. If you can skip wearing a belt, then do so – this will speed up things as well. Wearing socks are a good idea when needing to remove shoes, for hygiene and warmth; and speaking of shoes, slip-ons such as ballet flats or loafers for men will make things move more quickly.