Travel with Pets

Whether you are bringing home a gift for the family or traveling with a furry friend that keeps you calm, it’s important to know the airport rules to create a safe and welcoming experience for your pet.

Cat in Suitcase

What you need to know

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and airports in the United States require that all dogs be kept in carriers or crates at all times. The accretion to the rule is when you’re passing through airport security. TSA will require you to remove your pet from their crate and walk them through the metal detector. Only carriers will be put through the x-ray machines, never the dog.

There are two Pet Relief Areas in the terminal:

Landside: Outside the east doors on the lower level baggage claim area.

Airside: In the stairwell next to the elevator in the rotunda.

Cat in carrier


Airport screeners may ask to see your dog’s boarding pass, so be sure to keep it handy.

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