Bowman Field T-Hangars

With a total of 217 T-Hangars available for leasing, Bowman Field has been called home to Aviators since 1919. If you’re interested in leasing a T-Hangar, please read below on how you can become a part of the general aviation community that has lasted over a century.

General Information

T-Hangars are leased only for the storage of aircraft found on the FAA registry website. Aircraft must be registered in the name of the lessee, or you must show proof that you recently purchased it. If the aircraft is part of a corporation or limited liability company, you must show proof you are a member of the corporation or limited liability company.

All T-Hangar Leases have a month-to-month term and can be terminated with 30 days written notice. Monthly rent is due on the 1st calendar day of each month.

Each T-Hangar has electricity and electric doors; however, there is no heat, air conditioning or water. The cost of electricity is included in the monthly rent.

Sizes of the T-Hangars vary, please reference the dimensions below to determine what spaces may accommodate your aircraft. Once we have a T-Hangar available, we can schedule an appointment with the Bowman Field Superintendent, for a site visit.


Leases and Rates

T-Hangar Rates and Location Map

T-Hangar Lease Agreement

T-Hangar Wait List Application




Contact List

All Maintenance – 502-458-1475 (Mon-Fri 6:30 am– 4:30 pm)
Emergency After Hours Maintenance – Airport Operations 502-380-8200

Bowman Field Leases and Information
Properties Supervisor: Jonny Giardina
Phone Number: 502-363-8510
E-Mail Address:

Director of Properties: Adam Thomas
Phone Number: 502-363-8508
E-Mail Address:

Capital Program Manager: Jorgie Dermody
Phone Number: 502-243-7305
E-Mail Address:

Bowman Field Maintenance
Bowman Field – LOU
Bowman Field Facilities Maintenance Supervisor: Josh Wiehebrink
Phone Number: 502-458-1475
E-Mail Address:

Rent Payment Information
Accounts Receivable: Angela Grooms
Phone Number: 502-363-8526
E-Mail Address:

Address for Remittances: Louisville Regional Airport Authority
Department 151
PO Box 32160
Louisville, KY 40232-2160


Billing Options

Tennant’s Automatic Withdrawal Authorization – ACH

Credit/Debit Card



Security/Emergency Reporting
Airport Operations: 502-380-8200
National General Aviation Hotline: 1-866-GA-SECURE (1-866-427-3287)