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Airport Authority Announces ‘SDF Cares’

April 20, 2018

Program encourages and fosters community outreach

In conjunction with Mayor Greg Fischer’s Give A Day Week of Service, this year the Louisville Regional Airport Authority is embarking on SDF Cares, an organization-wide giving program. SDF Cares encourages and fosters Airport Authority staff the opportunities to volunteer their time in the community, helping organizations they support throughout the years ahead.

“Mayor Fischer’s Week of Service was really the genesis and inspiration behind this concept,” said Dan Mann, Executive Director of the Louisville Regional Airport Authority. “This commitment on behalf of the Airport Authority will give our dedicated staff the opportunity to connect with the community and the individual causes they are passionate about throughout the year.”

“Compassion is one of our city’s guiding values, and it’s tremendous that our airport, which is the front door to our city for so many, is showing that compassion right from the start with SDF Cares,” said Mayor Greg Fischer. “As we wrap up our seventh year of our Give A Day Week of Service, this is a great addition to our giving spirit.”

“This is really what we do on a daily basis,” said Mann. “Our Mission is to ‘connect people and businesses to commerce, purpose and prosperity,’ and this program exemplifies that on every level. I’m very excited to go into the community and see our airport team make a difference.” Follow the Louisville International Airport’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to see staff in action throughout the year ahead, or search using #SDFCares.

There will also be opportunities for the Airport Authority to partner with local organizations to participate in on-site Giving Days. If an organization is interested in working with the Airport Authority to do so, please contact Darrell Watson at (502) 363-8509 or The Louisville Regional Airport Authority is comprised of approximately 180 employees who work in a variety of areas including customer service, operations, public safety, engineering, maintenance, finance and business development. To learn more about the Airport Authority, visit