What to Pack

There’s no need to crease, crumple and cram when you only pack the essentials. Here are some packing tips on all the things you can and can’t bring, so you can breeze through our airport.

Placing laptop in bin at security


There are a lot of items that can actually travel with you on the plane, from cameras and laptops to small files and scissors. The following items are allowed to be packed:

  • Liquid in 3.4 ml or smaller containers that fit in a 1 quart sized bag for your carry-on.
  • Containers larger than 3.4 ml is allowed, but must be in your checked luggage.


TSA looking through backpack at security

Not Allowed

We believe in creating a safe and secure flying experience for all of our visitors. In doing so, there are certain items we do not allow on board including:

  • Firearms and other weapons that fire or look similar to a firearm – including toy guns that look realistic
  • Explosive and flammable substances
  • Sharp objects that may cause injury
  • Anesthetic devices
  • Any blunt object that could be used as a weapon.

For a more detailed list on TSA guidelines, click the button below.