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Public Notice of PFC Filing #2

June 5, 2013

Re: Louisville Regional Airport Authority’s notice for public comment prior to submitting an amendment to PFC Application numbers 97-01-C-00-SDF (as previously amended) at the Louisville International Airport to the Federal Aviation Administration.

The Louisville Regional Airport Authority (Authority) is posting this public notice as part of the passenger facility charge (PFC) application process under 14 CFR § 158.24 for the Louisville International Airport (Airport). As part of this procedure, the Authority is providing the following information:

PROJECT DESCRIPTION This project consists of the acquisition of approximately 2,300 noise-impacted residences in proximity to SDF. These properties, located in the Ashton-Adair, Edgewood, Minor Lane Heights, and Preston Highway neighborhoods, have been approved for voluntary acquisition under SDF’s approved Part 150 Noise Compatibility Program. Acquisition of these properties is supported by the Airport Authority’s approved noise exposure maps which indicate that these neighborhoods are contained within the 65 day-night level (dnl) noise contour or are contiguous to properties within the 65 dnl contour.

PFC LEVEL The Authority will maintain the PFC level of $4.50 per eligible enplaned passenger at the Airport.

ESTIMATED TOTAL PFC REVENUE The Authority intends to submit PFC Application 97-01-C-07-SDF to reduce the Total PFC Revenue approved in the application. The original application included estimated finance and interest costs associated with the debt service to be repaid with PFCs and the amendment reflects actual finance and interest costs, which were less than originally estimated. This reduction in Total PFC Revenue is partially offset by an increase in pay-asyou-go PFCs. The net reduction to PFCs is $15,005,889, resulting in revised Total PFC Revenue of $75,594,111.

PROPOSED CHARGE EFFECTIVE DATE No change to Charge Effective Date.

ESTIMATED CHARGE EXPIRATION DATE As a result of this amendment, the Authority estimates expiration date for all PFC applications should be revised to March 1, 2015

AUTHORITY POINT OF CONTACT As required under 14 CFR § 158.24, the Authority will be accepting public comments on the proposed PFC Application Amendment for thirty days after the June 5, 2013, date of posting this public notice on our Internet Web site. Any comments should be sent to Mr. C.T. “Skip” Miller, Executive Director, Louisville Regional Airport Authority, PO Box 9129, Louisville, KY 40209-0129. If there are any questions regarding this proposed PFC application, Mr. Miller can also be reached at (502) 368-6524.