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Louisville International Terminal Enhancement Construction Update 2/26/16

February 26, 2016

Construction continues on the $9.5 million Louisville International Airport Terminal Enhancement Project. In addition, HMS Host (food-and-beverage) and Paradies Lagardère (gift-and-news) combined are investing more than $8 million in new outlets and retail stores. By Tuesday, March 1, Phase 1A terrazzo floor will be finished. Once complete, the far west exterior doors (closest to Air Valet on the upper roadway) and west elevators will reopen and the United Airlines ticket counters will return to their permanent location. Installation of new carpet and repainting in the west tunnel to/from the parking garage and the west hall (behind the American Airlines and United Airlines ticket counters) will continue through March. Work is on-going on Phase 1B in Concourse A and Phase 1C in Concourse B. To review the previously released information about these phases, please click the Pardon our Dust link at

Before the Security Checkpoint (Landside Terminal)

Phase 2A construction will begin Monday, February 29 and continue through April 2016. It includes installing terrazzo flooring on the departures (upper) level to the west of – and around – the center elevator. Because of the enhancements, the following adjustments will take place:

• Exterior Doors: The center west exterior doors on the departures (upper) level will temporarily close. For access to the American Airlines or United Airlines ticket counters, proceed west to the entrance closest to Air Valet. For access to the Delta Air Lines or Southwest Airlines ticket counters, proceed east to the next set of entry doors. On the arrivals (lower) level, the center exterior door will temporarily close during this phase. For access to the arrivals (lower) curb, proceed to the east or west exterior doors.

• Center Elevator: The center elevator will be temporarily out of service. For elevator access between the departures (upper) and arrivals (lower) levels, passengers and other airport guests may use the east or west elevators.

• American Airlines Ticket Counters: The American Airlines ticket counters will temporarily relocate to the west, next to United Airline’s ticket counters.

• Security Checkpoint and Gate Access: The center walkway near the American Airlines and United Airlines ticket counters will be under construction. For security checkpoint and gate access from the American Airlines and United Airlines ticket counters, passengers should follow the temporary construction signs.

• 5/3 Bank: 5/3 Bank will remain open.

Note: Temporary construction signs are installed throughout the terminal to direct guests during the construction project—which should be finished in fall 2016.